K.M. Zaiyyan Adil

K.M. Zaiyyan Adil is an enthusiastic and dedicated beginner in the field of research. He majored on Environmental Science and minored on Population Environment while studying for his Bachelor’s of Science degree at Independent University of Bangladesh. Zaiyyan started working in various call centers and numerous private organizations at a very young age while studying for A levels. He was able to gain a wide range of experiences in various fields, while working for NGOs and other private organizations. He has proactively worked and volunteered for various social causes, through which he developed an empathy for the cause of development of communities in rural Bangladesh. he has been involved in the development sector through various projects since 2018 while working for AID-COMILLA as Management Trainee. Zaiyyan is currently working as a Research Associate at Consiglieri Private Limited. He is eager to gain experience and contribute to the field of research. He also enjoys traveling, music, fishing, nature and spending time with different communities to try to understand the different walks of life.