Romana Hasan

Romana Hasan is an energetic and diligent individual with the capability to efficiently learn from her surroundings and make quick decisions to ensure optimum outcome from any given situation. She has completed her graduation on Management Studies from National University of Bangladesh. She has been working with Consiglieri Private Limited as a project coordinator since 2018. In the last few years, Romana has worked with multiple well-reputed and renowned organizations such as Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS), Population Council, and many more in a various positions. From her experience, she has gathered project management skills, skills to effectively collaborate with teams, and training facilitation competencies. Romana has developed in-depth knowledge in Menstrual Health Management of RMG workers through her experiences of working in relative fields. She is very enthusiastic to acquire more knowledge in the development sector, especially in women empowerment.