Services for Non-Profit Organizations

CPL focuses in Project Cycle Management for development projects/ assignments. We offer specific services for different stages of a project/ assignment. This can be regular set of services focused on certain stages of the project or customized service packages. However CPL is competent and confident to take the responsibility of the whole cycle management.


Project Design

The success of any project highly depends on proper strategy formulation and initial informed moves. CPL is privileged with experienced professional who played key roles in strategic analysis for some major projects. Services for project design involves but not limited to conducting Scoping Studies, Subsector Studies, Value Chain Assessments, Baseline Survey etc. and writing Inception Reports and other Strategy Documents.

Project Implementation

Consiglieri offers a group of in house experts who hold strong record of implementing projects and assignments which makes Consiglieri fit for any sort of facilitative/ direct implementation assignment. CPL holds the commitment to the greater community to provide meaningful and effective impact and wants to make that the Secret of Success. Our resource pool has staffs with varied mix of skillset ranging from field staffs who are well experienced to know the facts and challenges of real working areas to people to provide with strategic leadership and key decisions.

Efficient Production Management & Human Resource Development for Ready-Made Garments (RMG) Sector

CPL provides services for production management that include developing and reviewing layout design, process flows, engineering specifications and other relevant processes to manage methods and activities in manufacturing and services. We also provide supports in store management performance improvement, cutting room performance improvement, improving efficiency and quality in sewing floor and finishing rooms and ensuring total productive maintenance. Besides, we support in developing internal supply chain management system. We also design solutions to enact quality control procedures to resolve production problems, improve efficiency, minimize costs and maximize profitability. In case of human resource development, CPL offers services including developing KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based performance evaluation system, designing worker skill training system, capacity building of supervisors and line-chiefs and capacity improvement of midlevel management. Besides, we offer manpower budgeting and monitoring services.

Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Energy Poverty

Consiglieri Private Limited (CPL) has taken a strategy to provide proficient and maven services to public, private sectors and NGOs/ Civil Society Organizations in the area of Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Energy Poverty. CPL has built up within itself management and professional capability compatible to the prerequisites of required service standard. Focus Services: Base line survey, Risk and vulnerability analysis, Disaster Risk Management, Climate and Energy Smartness, Implementation and Monitoring, Capacities strengthening, Improvement of Governance Standard, Review, Evaluation and Knowledge Generation, Documentation and its utilization.

Project support

One of the core areas of expertise for Consiglieri is Monitoring and Evaluation. Besides the traditional M&E system, Consiglieri follows the Result Based Monitoring System, which is widely known as DCED standard for M&E. Consiglieri offers a one stop M&E services that includes Developing M&E strategy, Framework, Tools etc. and Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting. The service is offered by DCED trained in-house experts of CPL. We also offer full scaled outsourced M&E team.

Project review

Our experts have been involved in reviewing of a number of national as well as international projects. Services include Design, Reviews and Evaluations (Mid-term Review, End-of-Project Review and Impact Assessments) etc. Apart from the reviews we also help in forming Exit Strategy, Wrap Up plan, preparing Project Completion Report and all other sorts of regular and special reports.

Services for Profit organizations

Apart from conducting effective Market Research and organizing training sessions, seminars/ conferences on special topics, CPL is skilled to provide advisory services like Market Analysis, Business Development Consultation, Demand and Supply Gap Analysis, Business Process Reengineering, Project Feasibility Analysis, Business Modeling, Business Case Verification and Validation, System Optimization Approaches and Operational Excellence Plan.