Kamrul Hasan

Kamrul is a self-taught researcher, facilitator and a mentor in designing viable business models. Having a graduation in Industrial and Production Engineering Kamrul started his career at Grameenphone, the largest telecom in Bangladesh, in 2007. After serving the corporate sectors more than 6 years in different capacities, he shifted his career in the development sector. Kamrul started his journey as a development practitioner with iDE Bangladesh and soon later started off as an entrepreneur by co-founding Consiglieri Private Limited in 2014. Since the inception of Consiglieri, Kamrul has been overseeing the Operations and Finance. Apart from the day to day supervision at Consiglieri, he used to lead facilitation projects, market researches, FSM interventions, HCD researches and strategy formulation assignments. Kamrul is obsessed about knowing new things and asking basic questions which are usually taken for granted. He’s well known as a keen observer in his circle. Kamrul’s own interest in qualitative research and extracting deep insights has led him to do a lot of informal studies and few courses. Kamrul loves music, movies, photography, and above all traveling.