Facilitation of Market Linkage for RMG and Construction Sectors

Client: Palladium International Limited for DFID and SDC

Period: July 2019- December 2020

Palladium is implementing SUDOKKHO (a 5-Year project funded by DFID and SDC) in collaboration with Swisscontact and British Council. Broad objective of SUDOKKHO is to strengthen the market systems of skilled and semi-skilled labor markets in RMG and Construction sectors of Bangladesh. Consiglieri was awarded to facilitate the linkages for both of the sectors. Under this facilitation contract, Consiglieri is committed to create sustainable business linkage with around 60 PTPs with around 120 RMG factories and 300 construction contractors, developing systems for monitoring the processes, developing employment tracking systems and exploring innovative solutions which can catalyze the whole linkage agenda.