Industry Mapping for Creating Employee Linkage

Client: Palladium International Limited for DFID and SDC

Period: December 2018- March 2019

Palladium is implementing SUDOKKHO (a 5-Year project funded by DFID and SDC) in collaboration with Swisscontact and British Council. Broad objective of SUDOKKHO is to strengthen the market systems of skilled and semi-skilled labor markets in RMG and Construction sectors of Bangladesh. SUDOKKHO works with private training providers (PTP) to support the provision of short skills training courses, providing poor people the opportunity to enter skilled or semi-skilled work. One of the purposes of partnership of SUDOKKHO with PTPs is to build capacity of the private training providers through technical assistance so that they can deliver quality training with their training curriculums and programs. Another purpose for this partnership is to support the private training providers in becoming a valuable skill- development business partner for RMG and Construction Industries. In order to facilitate this purpose, it became mandatory to map potential RMG factories and Construction companies or businesses that are willing to source semi-skilled workers in various RMG and construction related occupations (Sewing Machine Operators, electrician, mason, plumber, rod bender, welder etc.) so that PTPs can establish business linkages with RMG factories, Construction companies and supply skilled worker as per industry requirement. Moreover, being less organized, demand of Construction industries is not well researched yet. Consiglieri was awarded to conduct the Industry mapping along with the demand profiling for the RMG and Construction sector.