National Market Assessment for Low Cost Desludging Equipment and Vehicles in Bangladesh

Client: Practical Action Consulting Bangladesh Ltd. for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Period: December 2018- January 2019

Practical Action Consulting Ltd. piloted low cost, decentralized equipment, pumps and transporters and technologies in its innovation centre and tested in Faridpur and Satkhira municipality and found good feedback from emptier despite few challenges. The light engineering, manufacturing and automobile industry in Bangladesh is growing for mechanization of many sectors but yet in safely managed sanitation sector. This is because of not having any formal study on the potential of this sector. On this backdrop, Practical Action Consulting Ltd now aims to commission a study to assess the market for desludging equipment, machines and vehicles. The objective of the study is to identify market size, capacity of market actors, identify relevant desludging technologies, market challenges and identify effective commercialization strategies. The assessment will generate knowledge on market systems including value chain actors, support services and business environment. The outcome of the study will also be shared with the private organizations and financing institutes who have wiliness to participate and invest in this business.